Musings about horse shit.

This is a bit of a rant, but I think it is a decent look into why I can’t take this “sharing economy” bullshit seriously. In 2009 the transportation industry and many others changed forever. Apple had opened up the wondrous world of their latest masterpiece, the iPhone, to software developers.  For those few of you who missed it […]

Bitch slap to the SHITS…

Last week an absolutely scathing complaint was filed with the US Attorney General Eric Holder by the editor of the LimoInsider Report, Joe Jordan. Joe is a former NSA Senior Intercept Analyst and staunch supporter of the transportation for hire business. The letter makes some pretty severe allegations with regard to multiple federal statutes among […]

USA Today Editorial

Uber may want to be the next Amazon, but Amazon doesn’t have the potential for causing deaths the way vehicles for hire can. In my opinion — and it’s a view shared by transportation regulators across the country — Uber, Lyft and other “ride sharing” companies are violating the laws and regulations that govern for-hire […]

My letter to the CA Attorney General

To Whom it May Concern: As you may or may not be aware, California and the nation are currently under attack by unlicensed taxi services that are being barely regulated by the CPUC.  These services have overrun the city streets with thousands of questionably insured vehicles driven by untrained drivers without the requisite licensing to […]

I am developing a new #barsharing app….

Creating a new app called “Dwynk” to disrupt the bar/club industry… Here’s the pitch: Bartender not getting to you quick enough?  Too many people fighting for drinks at the bar? No problem, there’s an App for that. Welcome to the community of Dwynk where you can order a drink from a nearby community bartender, on […]

TPAC bitch slaps the CPUC

Today the Taxi and Para-Transit Association of California (TPAC) filed an application for a re-hearing and return to evidentiary discovery in the baffling decision by the California Public Utility Commission’s decision regarding the companies operating the smartphone hailable illegal taxi services around California. This application for re-hearing relies heavily on some pretty serious law that […]