ON Demand Congestion, OFF Sustainable Target

While the app revolution has arguably been making life easier and more seamless for a few, its severely putting the damper on a large population of other Americans trying to do their jobs, and I’m not talking about the taxi driver or pizza delivery driver. I am referring to the diligent and tireless public servants that save us from burning building, armed robbers and wicked car accidents. They are the ones that pick up your trash, fix the power lines, tow your broken down car and drive the city busses filled with the plebeian masses.


Bitch slap to the SHITS…

Last week an absolutely scathing complaint was filed with the US Attorney General Eric Holder by the editor of the LimoInsider Report, Joe Jordan. Joe is a former NSA Senior Intercept Analyst and staunch supporter of the transportation for hire business. The letter makes some pretty severe allegations with regard to multiple federal statutes among […]

My letter to the CA Attorney General

To Whom it May Concern: As you may or may not be aware, California and the nation are currently under attack by unlicensed taxi services that are being barely regulated by the CPUC.  These services have overrun the city streets with thousands of questionably insured vehicles driven by untrained drivers without the requisite licensing to […]

Emails with a fictional Lyft supporter/user….

   The following email conversation happened the day the CPUC approved their half-assed regulatory ruling on the SHITS problem.  This lady (only assuming by the name choice) calling herself Beverly Sutphin (Kathleen Turner’s character from Serial Mom) emailed the SFCDA with some snarky commentary about how excited she was about the ruling, and obviously having […]

News story

Recently there was a news story that aired on NBC Bay Area that mischaracterized my statements about the fight on the streets between TNC drivers and cabbies.  I do not condone or encourage violence against anyone, especially the drivers of Lyft, Sidecar or UberX.  They are operating in a segment of transportation for hire reserved […]