SF Hackers Group Lexicon


Airport Terms:

TTT = Tag to Terminal
Time from very first gate entry to Terminal curbside.

TTiT = Tag to International
Same as above except to IT.

TTD = Tag to Donut

TTW = Tag to Wiggle
Lots (listed in order of entry)

Overflow Lot: [SFO #3]
The last lot to fill up. Sometimes called the 4th Lot. Formerly called the 3rd lot. Sometimes referred to as the Orange Lot. Also being referred to as the Entry Lot.

Overflow Loop: [SFO #4]
The newest part between the Overflow Lot and Main Lot.
Commonly referred to as the Wiggle or the Snake.

Main Holding: [SFO #2]
2nd Lot, Center Lot, Sky Lot, Sun Lot, Circle Lot, Donut Lot

Paid Staging: [SFO #1]
Once through the paid gate into the Last Lot, (Final Lot, Green Lot, Exit Lot), prior to exiting to the terminal. Also referred to as the First Lot.

The Spin Cycle:
When airport authorities decide to send cabs coming though the first gate down into the lots right back out to the freeway until there is room in the lots to let them in. AKA Spinning.

If one is “caught in a shortex” they are stuck in a vortex of short rides from SFO until they break out back into the city. If one is “stuck behind a shortex” they are stuck in the lots watching the parade of shorts coming through.

Death by Airport:
Pretty nearly what it sounds like. When one gets stuck at SFO watching a parade of shorts creep by, stuck, unable to leave for hours. When working the airport kills your night.
Lot full fractional numbers:

1.0-4.0 Used to represent how full the airport appears to be of cabs upon entry by Hacker making the post.

1.0 = Just the Paid Staging lot

2.0 = both Main and Paid lots.

3.0 = Paid, Main and Overflow

3.0-4.0 = Paid, Main, Overflow and Snake.
Other Variably Interpreted Descriptives:



Drive Thru

City Terms:

Backloading, Backloader, etc: cab taking a fare from the back of the line.
Same as above but from the other side of the street.
B of Gay = Bank of America Taxi Stand at Castro and 18th. (aka Hibernia Beach)
short for Flywheel order/app/customer
Caltrain Station 4th and King
Head of the taxi line.
Usage; “I’m on the throne at BOG, all alone”
The airport
Same thing but in Oakland
555 California St Taxi Stand

“Its lovely in _______ this time of year.”=
I just got a nice long (likely meter and a half) ride to _______.
(DeSoto Drivers can sub in “bloody” for “lovely” when they take a long Blood Bank run.)

My Last Fare
Impromptu taxi line in front of Badlands on 18th St. Sad, because there is no longer a formal taxi stand.
Smartphone Hailed Illegal Taxi, (gypsy cab, TNC).
Same as above, aka Uber, Lyft et al.
Cheap assholes waiting for the above.
Public Works Nightclub impromptu taxi line at Mission and Erie.
Folsom and 8th impromptu taxi line in front of Cat Club and F8 Nightclub.
Nightclub above Bergerac on 11th st between Folsom and Harrison, across from Slims. Also an impromptu taxi line.

Nightclub at Michigan and Marin
911911: (SWARM)
Followed by an intersection; means that a cabbie needs help, details to follow, please assist ASAP.

Wrong Group
Facebook if you couldn’t figure that out by now.
From the backseat:
your fare says [insert helpful information here]
real cab drivers that are part of this group
Gridlock or bad traffic caused by SHIT drivers.
Cops looking for cite-able moving violations. Possibly looking to target speeding taxis.
Forbidden Terms:

The proper term is “fare”.

See above.


Other guidelines:

Keep it short, informative, or funny.

Please do your best not post multiple posts in a row when you can keep it to one.

Please keep personal banter at a minimum.

Append the cab number you are driving to your group handle (nickname) so we know what cab you are driving.

Feel free to just lurk, but remember when you do post, to keep it on topic: Where you are seeing business and any other helpful tips for drivers on where to go or where to avoid.
If you’re not sure what something means or where something is don’t hesitate to ask. We are all here to help each other.
When its slow and there is not much going on feel free to join in on the hazing and joking. It helps keep the levity when business is lean.
Don’t be intimidated by the rapid fire banter, just join in the fun.
Do be mindful of what you say. Keep in mind hate speech will not be tolerated.