Services I Offer

As a long time professional driver, I am available for hire as an executive driver, getaway driver, and transporter.
You provide the vehicle and I provide the skilled driver.
Weekly ($800-1200 per 5 day week)
Daily ($140-500 per day)
Hourly ($30-60 per hour)
per job (as quoted depending on mileage, equipment requirements and job type)

Location Scout
Looking to shoot in San Francisco? I know all the best places you are thinking of and plenty you have no idea exist. If you are a film/TV producer with a shot list looking for original SF locations, I can help you find the best locations to fit the bill.
Rates: contact for quote

I offer a small range of photography services:
– Landscapes and Architecture
– social media portraiture
– restaurant and bar promotional shots
– Real Estate sales photography
Rates: $60 per hour shooting
$10 processing per full resolution photo delivered

Technical Consultant
I have been a tinkerer and technician my whole life. From music studios, home theaters, business/home networking, website development, information and network security, to hardware troubleshooting and OS provisioning, my technical experience covers a fairly broad swath of scenarios.
Rates are $40-120 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Please fill out the contact form below or contact me via twitter DM if you have any questions or are interested in retaining me.