About the asshole author

So my name is Trevor and I am licensed San Francisco Taxi Driver.

I knew I wanted to be a part of the taxi industry at age 10 after seeing “Taxi Driver”.  The gritty and exciting images of a city coming alive after dark and into the early morning fascinated young me .

In 2001 I drove a Marin Taxicab part time while studying for my Real Estate license then in 2007 when I saw an economic crisis looming I decided to drive a San Francisco Taxi full time. In November of 2007 I picked up my very first fare at the Ferry Building on a sunny Saturday morning. The years since have been packed with adventure, community and family-like bonding with amazing people; other San Francisco cabbies and the residents of this city.

You can usually catch me on the road at night on the weekends.  Just listen for the house music pumping out of a genuine San Francisco Taxicab.  While I don’t lately, I used to dispatch taxis with a real time strategy mindset, serving the city as best as I could, making sure customers got a cab as soon as possible.  Drivers working with me always had an ass in the seat and the meter on.  I have dispatched and driven for both National/Veterans Cab, Luxor Cab and currently drive at Flywheel Taxi (nee DeSoto Cab).  National/Veterans Cab was where I learned how to dispatch on a voice radio while simultaneously taking orders, among other very useful cabbie skills.

A tech and science geek since age 5, I have always tried to be ahead of the tech curve and have been a vocal advocate of technical innovation in all forms of business.  I was asked to join the Board of Directors of the SFCDA in January of 2013, after speaking at an SFTMA Board meeting. I realized had found the economic/social cause I was looking for, and accepted without hesitation.  After seeing the SFCDA through a very tough fight with the SHITS and a very corrupt and inept CPUC, I helped them merge with other driver advocacy groups in forming a fledgeling driver’s union.   The fledgeling union is now AFL-CIO affiliated as the San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance, and I continue to volunteer with them in helping facilitate organizing efforts, standing up to selfish interests for the hundreds of dues paying drivers the public and even non-member drivers.

I don’t always say the right things and being very passionate about the amazing people I have met in the taxi industry, I definitely lose my cool from time to time.  But I speak the truth, speak my mind and do not get offended easily.

I think my two most favorite words are: Love and Fuck.

MrJhnsn B/W at night on cab hood
Fishing for fares outside a nightclub in San Francisco with house music pumping out of my cab.