Deplorable Donny Dresses Himself – A lukewarm take.

There is not enough talk about Trumps personal sartorial tastes or lack thereof.

This guy seems to have no idea how to wear a suit and tie, despite that being his standard uniform. He never looks all that comfortable in his suits, almost like the minimum wage security guard in the lobby of a high rent office building.  I even know a few butch lesbians that wear a suit better than he does.

Lets review his observed pattern of dress:
– Long overcoat, no blazer buttoning when standing/walking, and overly long tie.
– The tie, tied so damn long that he needs scotch tape to keep the tail in place.
– He wears what only appear to be off-the-rack black suits (sometimes Navy); they just look off-the-rack due to the overly long and wide cut of his blazers at the waist (presumably to hide his lumpy rump).
– Only white shirts and almost exclusively red ties.

Does he think that the long overcoat, worn open with no visible blazer underneath, somehow makes him look more presidential, powerful, or manly? Or is it just an attempt to make him appear less rotund?

Does he think that the white shirt makes him look less like a criminal?
Is this him taking a defense attorney’s advice about how to dress for court way too far?

For a man who works so hard to project a highly specific image of himself to the world, he certainly has no imagination and clearly near zero self confidence. He could never and would never allow himself to be photographed shirtless playing in the surf with his kid.

Since he is so determined to be an Emperor, maybe we should spend some effort to publicize how he really looks in his ‘new’ clothes. Too bad this is near impossible, considering he won’t even get naked in front of his own trophy wife.

Oh well, at least we can comfort ourselves in the meantime with the idea that he is such a bumbling idiot followed by such blind sycophants they will likely lead each other right to jail.

For Reference, here are a few simple and timeless male fashion norms to follow when wearing a suit:
– Watch with hands on the dial
– Understated and simple belt
– Tie no longer than belt buckle when standing
– Blazer buttoned when standing/walking, unbuttoned only when sitting
– Laced shoes (not slip on) polished and shiny
– Married? Wear your fucking wedding ring.

(and no, you don’t get a hipster pass on any of the above because you live in the Mission/Brooklyn/Austin)



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