Maslow’s Hierarchy and Uber


I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and he mentioned Maslow’s Hierarchy. This got me thinking. I’m sure if you have read enough of my stuff you probably have a solid guess.

Maslow’s Hierarchy consists of five levels.  Let’s do a quick review.
The most important and basic level is that of Physiological survival. This is the need to eat, sleep, and take care of the physical needs to stay alive.

The next level up is Safety. This is the sense of feeling safe and secure in your environment. Protecting yourself from inclement weather, arming yourself with weapons to defend yourself and family from threats, things of this nature.

Then we have Love and Belonging. Once we are fed, housed and feel safe, only then can the feelings of love and belonging truly develop. (uber exploits the artificial feeling of love and belonging) We are loved by those keeping us safe and vice versa.

This in turn boosts our Esteem, next up the hierarchy. Feeling awesome, loved and safe, the human psyche and base motivations begin to relax stress. With this sense of security and boosted esteem, we can start to feel like we have things under our control.

With the sense of control we are ready for the final level. Self-Actualization. Up here at the top, with all other needs satiated, the sense of control gives way to actual control. With true self-actualization we take that actual control and use it to shape our local realities.

Here where Uber (and smartphones in general) can slip in giving us the illusion of self-actualization, when in truth all we are doing is setting in motion a Rube Goldberg contraption, resulting in a car arriving or your dry-cleaning delivered. YOU did not actualize anything on your own, other than getting off your ass and walking to the door.

By exploiting this desire to self actualize, Uber markets to you (and the drivers for that matter) that you will be the one in control. This by turn leads the sense of self actualization.

This sense of self-actualization you share the source of this with your friends and family. Those in your Love and Belonging circle. As more of those around one utilize this same tool of self actualization it strengthens the sense of love and belonging. Since everyone around you is using this tool of self-actualization, your sense of security using the same tool helps you in run feel safer. You see where I am going with this?

The exploitation of Maslow’s Hierarchy in reverse is the reason for Uber’s explosive growth and the exponentially multiplying problems we are seeing with the excessive numbers of sexual assaults. By working from the top down, the two most important parts of the human psyche’s personal motivations are neglected till the very last.

Profits made with the illusion of Self Actualization at the expense of Safety.

Try self-actualizing without your phone and the app that is so easy for you to use.  Get off your ass and do something for yourself for a change.   Something more than poking at a screen in your hand.



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