Capacity utilization, self driving cars and the California Enron precedent

This author nails it. Brings to light a new way of looking at Uber and Enron side by side. I have been proselytizing that Uber is equal to Enron. Just the 2015 version. When you consider Uber’s manipulation of the CPUC President Peavey behind the scenes it seems even more clear that Uber is operating by Enron’s playbook.


Here’s Tyler Cowen disagreeing with me on selfdriving cars and Uber. He’s an economist and I’m not, so you are probably better off listening to him.

To the contrary my views are mostly influenced by the work of Ida Tarbell, a journalist, on Standard Oil - because I see many similarities in what Uber is doing and what Rockefeller did to try and standardise and organise oil production and outcompete through established rebates with railways. The oil and throughout are us – the passengers – the railways are the Uber drivers, and the rebates are the 20% commission Uber gets from directing passengers with its app to the railways. Except, unlike the railways, the amount of transport infrastructure is not fixed.

Just to be clear, I am arguing that for an organisation like Uber owning a fleet of selfdriving cars is not as attractive as the current model which outsources…

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One thought on “Capacity utilization, self driving cars and the California Enron precedent

  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing!
    I argued similar points with my liberal friends who are enamored with all Uber/Lyft racket. If it was Enron or Exxon pulling the same bs, people and environmentalists would’ve been up in arms.

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