Insomniac thoughts…. About the taxi driver revolution.

Professional drivers are rising up and uniting worldwide.

Uber and Lyft may actually end up changing the driving for hire job for the better, and not in the way they would like…. It has been gradually dawning on me that we may be on the verge of unionizing and uniting the workers in an industry that have been unable to do just that. Even more mind blowing is the effect this is having literally on the other side of the planet.

I have been contacted by cab drivers around the country and around the world. My database idea was copied on the east coast. Regulators, lawmakers and insurance companies are waking up and coming to our defense. Thanks to the same tools these companies are using to try and walk all over us, we are fighting back harder than ever and with a more united front than would have ever been possible before.

They say the internet is the great equalizer and that the market will prevail. The market wants accountability, security and stability. A market is not healthy without those three items. This is why we have regulation. It keeps the the market players accountable; transactions fair and secure; and keep supply at maximum sustainable levels in lean times and minimum necessary levels when demand peaks.

As water seeks its level so will this whole debacle, provided we professional drivers do not lie down!

We must fight corporate greed attempting to infest and control one of the last bastions of the independent businessman and entrepreneur!

Uber and Lyft are all about killing the American Dream for the many in favor of the 1% Dream of the few.


I pray for the day these fucking dickwads get paraded, handcuffed in front of TV cameras by someone in a navy blue windbreaker with three yellow letters, right out of their swanky VC financed SOMA offices.


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