I am developing a new #barsharing app….

Creating a new app called “Dwynk” to disrupt the bar/club industry… Here’s the pitch:

Bartender not getting to you quick enough?  Too many people fighting for drinks at the bar?

No problem, there’s an App for that.

Welcome to the community of Dwynk where you can order a drink from a nearby community bartender, on demand and right from your smartphone.

In just 3 clicks you can have a pink bow-tied community bartender at your beck and call.  Greet them with a fist bump and let them know your order. They will hop to it, making the drinks you want how you want.  When you get your round of drinks you pay with the app and walk away, tip is included in the “suggested donation”.  Payment is completely voluntary and you can even rate your community bartender.  “Suggested donation” is about 20% less than the cost of your typical upper shelf mixed drink and tip.

Forget dealing with the bartender that makes you wait 5 whole minutes to take your order or is too busy doing shots with the hot chicks at the end of the bar.  Don’t give your money to those “evil” corporate bar owners or bartenders that only take cash.  Download Dwynk today and never wait for a drink or pull out your wallet again.  Be a part of a Dwynking community and support your fellow sharing economy enthusiasts and the little guy trying to make it in the big city.

“Duh, dWynk happy!”


(Subject to terms and conditions… we are not responsible for bad drinks, roofies, over-serving, 86ing, injury or death that may result from use of our app. All community bartenders are background checked to be sure they like to drink and don’t know anything about how to bartend. We could tell you we have insurance but since none exists we will pretend it does to make you feel like its ok to use our app. Dwynk is financed by profiteering venture capital douchebag 1%ers who don’t care about sharing or helping the little guy one bit.)

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