TPAC bitch slaps the CPUC

Today the Taxi and Para-Transit Association of California (TPAC) filed an application for a re-hearing and return to evidentiary discovery in the baffling decision by the California Public Utility Commission’s decision regarding the companies operating the smartphone hailable illegal taxi services around California.

This application for re-hearing relies heavily on some pretty serious law that the CPUC seems to have ignored when considering their decision. The California Environmental Quality Act requires any laws enacted to be subject to environmental review and study before it is law unless it is plainly obvious that there will be no negative impact to the environment. The California and US Constitutions protect us from unequal treatment for equal business under the law. But the most shocking part of the decision is that it directly contradicts existing California public utilities codes and legal precedent set by the very same agency and state legislators.

TPAC whipped it out and slapped it across the CPUC… If I was on the board at the CPUC I would probably feel like I dropped the ball big time, because they did.


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