Note to Lyft drivers….

Dear Lyfters,
As you know I do not agree with what you are doing and in the past have been very aggressive in letting you know this. I first would like to express my apologies to anyone that may have felt threatened or scared by my behavior. I did not ever intend for you to be scared of me in any sense, I am a very kind and caring person who is passionate about the victimization of individuals that do not deserve it. Although I will not be confronting you or harassing you in the future you should be aware that I am actively providing your license plates to insurance carriers and car loan lenders in hopes that they cancel your insurance, deny claims and accelerate your loans. This is not a personal attack by any means, I am simply exposing the flaws in your arrangement with Lyft. The complete lack of training that you receive including the mis-information about the legality of what you are doing is exposing you to steep fines, personal dangers and financial ruin. I want to see smart, young and kind people like you, with your great community attitudes get properly licensed and affect positive change in the legal taxi industry. The best change will come from within but only with people like you pushing for it. Now that you have gotten a taste of why driving a taxi is fun, and why I do it part time, I think you should ditch the stache and get a badge. It will benefit you and the city in immense ways that driving for a questionable company, that’s exploiting you worse than taxi companies ever have, simply cannot.

See you on the streets,


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