I just posted this comment about Lyft on a Lyft driver’s blog

Everything mentioned by this author about why he likes driving for the illegal “ridesharing” service lyft, are the exact reasons why cab drivers get into and stay as cab drivers.  Everyone complains about crabby cabbies, but if they treated them like human beings in the first place service would be a million times better.  Lyft has not innovated in any sense except for the fact that they have sold the career/job of cab driving to the millennial generation that thinks of cab drivers as the immigrant with a turban who is just your servant/chauffeur and not a hard working guy, risking his life daily for meager pay to feed his family, put his kids through school and live the american dream; all while being treated like shit by nearly everyone he encounters throughout the day.Lyft is not ridesharing in any sense of the word.  The term ridesharing refers to giving someone a ride thats going your way and if they want to help with the bridge toll or kick in a couple bucks for gas they will.  According to EVERY SINGLE JURISDICTION IN THE US, lyft, sidecar and any other “ridesharing” service is just a taxi service without proper licenses, insurance, vehicle safety inspections and regulation to insure that there is fair, safe and equal access to everyone in the city, not just 20 somethings with smartphones and a credit card.  Do you think the 80 year old woman living on social security with subsidized transit coupons waiting at the dialysis clinic has an Iphone and would feel safe getting in a strangers car?  I think not. In fact ridesharing is never about picking up strangers unless its carpooling, which happens when you are picking up a stranger with a common work related destination.

The reason there is regulation in transportation is to prevent congestion, provide for public safety on the roads and give recourse to someone if they are harmed in the course of travel.  Lyft and their BS secret “insurance policy” is a complete lie.  When you sign up as a user/driver you are waiving your rights to financial recourse if something happens to you and waiving your constitutional right to a jury trial should you even manage to get them into court.  Your typical vehicle accident that results in a permanent handicap will end up with a settlement in the tens of millions.  Does this self professed “broke” 20 year old have the insurance to cover this? NOPE.  But a licensed legal taxi does, this is why they are licensed and legal in the first place. Without protections for passengers, this is a problem, and we have barely touched on the fact that lyft does not provide workers comp for the drivers (who incidentally have also signed away their rights to sue lyft should something happen to them while working), or even look out for their drivers from whom they are making their money.  Cab companies customers are the drivers, the drivers customers are the passengers (strangers), who can sometimes harm the drivers whom the cab companies protect with partitions, workers comp and video cameras to catch and prosecute the strangers that cause harm to the drivers.

Moreover, the author’s (and Lyfts) claims that drivers only use the app as drivers sporadically is a complete lie.  Its been proven by many parties that Lyft actively encourages drivers to work long hours and focus on areas and hours of traditional high taxi demand.  This is contrary to the definition of ridesharing and, by many observations, actually increasing congestion.  There are many reports of lyft drivers having suspended licenses, no insurance, driving intoxicated and selling drugs while working for lyft.  Again this is not ridesharing.

Stop Lyft before someone gets hurt physically, financially or otherwise.

To recap:
NOT ridesharing
NOT legal
DANGEROUS for driver
DANGEROUS for passenger
DANGEROUS for others on the streets
DOES NOT reduce congestion

an actual expert on these matters

references below:

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$5000 fine for driving a taxi without a permit.

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(h) Transportation of persons between home and work locations or of persons having a common work-related trip purpose in a vehicle having a seating capacity of 15 passengers or less, including the driver, which are used for the purpose of ridesharing, as defined in Section 522 of the Vehicle Code, when the ridesharing is incidental to another purpose of the driver.

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One thought on “I just posted this comment about Lyft on a Lyft driver’s blog

  1. I applied for lyft as a driver and was not even given the time of day, I had the a**H*** mentor tell me that she had nothing to do with the process and that she is just following orders, that the only way to get in touch with someone at this jerk company is to email them. Well, I did, multiple times, without a response of yay or nay. She then proceeds to tell me that it may have been “my background check or the DMV” well, I have news for you…… there is nothing in my background or the DMV. Scammers……. plain scammers.

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