My message to San Francisco cabbies frustrated by the apparent lack of enforcement by the SFMTA…. (UPDATED)

I am a driver and dispatcher at Luxor cab and have been in the business since fall of 2007. When I got into the business I immediately started after the illegal limos and bandit taxis and was interfacing regularly with the Taxi Detail for enforcement planning efforts, stings and the like. Currently I am a director at the SFCDA and we have been interfacing with Chris Hayashi and Eric Richholt with regard to Lyft Sidecar UberX and the other SHITS. We have filed many comments and exhibits in the CPUC OIR proceeding, participated in the workshop and have been working closely with the SFMTA (Chris H), TLPA, and TPAC in our efforts to expose these illegal cab companies for what they are. My twitter feed (@mrjhnsn) is full of links, images and more constantly berating the users and management at these companies and I am a newly signed on class representative in the SF cab drivers class action suit against Uber.

From our high level conversations with the SFMTA the plan seems to be that the City Attorney was directed by the mayor to hold off any legal action against these companies until the CPUC makes their decision. Meanwhile the SFMTA, SFO and the city attorney have been working on a plan of action for the moment that the CPUC makes their decision. The plan as I understand it is this: CPUC says that the cities have jurisdiction, SFMTA issues cease and desist to the companies, SF City Attorney and SFO file injunctions to penalize and force compliance with the C&D; the SFMTA will mail personal C&Ds to each of the registered owners of cars observed to be operating as any of the SHITS (Smartphone Hailable Illegal Taxi Services and get me as many license plates as you can); ticketing en-masse of the drivers as they drop off and pick up at known locations of activity (bars, clubs, restaurants) with $5,000 administrative fines, fines that may end up being tied to driver licenses and vehicle registrations (no limit to the number of tickets that can be issued per driver); all of this combined will get the drivers to quit driving for these companies and will likely make the companies start fighting back by trying to go to the legislature to get the law changed via ballot measure or lobbying the state legislators. While all this is happening the city attorney has the legal option to sever telecommunications services to these SHITS and could possibly even use this law (Cal. Gov. Code § 53075. to force the removal of the apps from the app stores or cut Internet access to their servers.

Meanwhile…. We (the SFCDA) are exploring getting injunctive relief forcing them to either cease operations or pay vast sums of money, jointly with TPAC and other industry groups.

UPDATE:  Now keeping all that in mind, I don’t know how true the rumors are about Mayor Lee’s daughter having involvement with LYFT but if that is the case I would be very happy if I were you, reason being, that is direct evidence of corruption and favoritism, the exact things these SHITS are claiming the taxi industry and regulators are and are doing.  As much as we would love it to be true….I have determined Mayor Lee has no traceable connection to Lyft.  This includes his two daughters that live and work in New York in sectors that have ZERO to do with any of the SHITS.  It seems that Mayor Ed Lee has just drank the Lyft kool-aid.  I strongly suggest that you tweet, email, fax, facebook, and call Mayor Ed Lee and tell him:  “Mr Mayor, STOP THE ILLEGAL APPS/TAXIS!!!  WE WANT OUR LEGAL JOBS BACK!!!” 

These SHITS are not long for this world as public opinion by majority is against them (I know this is hard to see when your $$$ is slashed by 50% as a result of their thievery), and having only 20-25 yo tech douche bags as your primary clientele really won’t get you too far in the long run. Cooler more rational heads will prevail and if the entire country is any indicator, Über Black may survive but the other SHITS will be a fading memory like Napster. EVERY SINGLE JURISDICTION NATIONWIDE that these SHITS have gone into has told them to GTFO anD cease operations. San Francisco is the only city lagging behind this trend and that’s strictly due to the city Attorney wanting to tread very carefully as these companies are all based here and Mayor Ed Lee quite obviously is the prison bitch of the tech industry, something that may even land him in prison (FBI, and IRS investigators are already looking into the SHITS and maybe even Ed… THIS HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED).

Keep the faith and stay strong,



4 thoughts on “My message to San Francisco cabbies frustrated by the apparent lack of enforcement by the SFMTA…. (UPDATED)

  1. Have u ever used any of the above services? Maybe if u saw how awesome they are you md realize why you have a problrm

    1. Asking me if i have used the services mentioned is like asking if I would ever choose a blatantly bandit taxi over the legal one. I refuse to let one dollar go to someone as exploitative as these companies. I value my life and financial well being. If I am in an accident in a Lyft or Sidecar there is no insurance to pay my hospital bills. Besides that just by agreeing to the TOS i would be holding them harmless in the case that I was injured in an accident.

      If these drivers want to provide better taxi service they should go get taxi licenses and drive a real cab where they have proper insurance, don’t have to pay for the maintenance of the car, the car is inspected nearly daily and is not allowed to go on the road without being in safe operating order (a broke 22 yo with a pink mustache on their car has NO CLUE what makes a vehicle safe or for that matter how to properly be aware of the road while driving paying passengers). There are plenty of open taxi shifts for these drivers, and the only barrier to entry is a few hundred dollars, 10 years of clean driving record, no felonies, and 2 weeks of proper training.

      Don’t believe the PR hype. These services are plainly illegal and dangerous for everyone in a myriad of ways. The arrogance of their founders is appalling and disturbing, especially that they feel its ok to put others at risk in the name of profits and the bullshit “sharing economy” buzzwords.

  2. Actually, Lyft comes with insurance. And the drivers are better than shitty cab drivers. If you think these companies are stealing your business, too bad, it’s business and there’s going to be new competition. Switch to them or find another career if you think you’re losing too much money.

    1. So you are suggesting I give up a legal job where I have workers comp, proper insurance, etc to go work for a company that places all risk on me? All those “shitty cab drivers” are now the same dudes driving your UberX/Lyft/etc. I make perfectly good money driving because I am a good cab driver.

      I recommend you very carefully read the TOS, Driver Agreement, and “Insurance” policy language before you make claims they have real insurance. Good luck having a court force a non-admitted offshore shell insurance company to pay your hospital bills.

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