My comments on a gizmodo blog post about LA ridesharing cease and desists.

The following comments were posted on and the author endorsed my comments for their smart responses to the idiots.


Transportation is regulated to provide equally accessible, safe and fairly priced transportation. Taxis are a service to the public good and regulating them insures that they remain that way. When you deregulate the transportation industry (especially taxis) it leads to worse, more expensive and more dangerous service. Without taxis grandma would be left at the dialysis clinic and cancer patients wouldn’t get free rides home after treatment. Business has been regulated for hundreds of years starting with Constantinople.

We live in a free country but part of maintaining the free we have rules to follow to insure that there is a level playing field for everyone that wants to participate.

Lyft Sidecar and UberX exploit their drivers worse than even the most corrupt cab company. They are running cab companies without paying for licensing, insurance, vehicle maintenance, workers comp, ADA accessible vehicles and all while relying on a non-professional, untrained driver.

These companies represent the arrogance and ignorance of their user base and will most assuredly be shut down or forced to comply with existing regulations.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck does that make it anything other than a duck? I think not. 6/25/13 7:40pm




In most cities in the US the taxi system is a supplement to bus routes. It is deemed a public good by the cities issuing the taxi permits. I agree that taxi companies are for profit corporations, however in almost every city in the US the taxi company makes their money not on the customers getting in the cabs but from the drivers paying their gate fees. Taxi companies don’t care if you get picked up or not in big cities because they make the same money everyday as long as all the cabs are leased out. The taxi business as a whole is a vehicle/permit leasing business. The drivers on the other hand are the ones that make the money from your fare. If this model were to change to an employee rather than independent contractor model the business would improve vastly as the taxi companies would have profit incentive to make sure the drivers were providing good service. This is why Las Vegas has such excellent taxi service. There the drivers pay a percentage of the meter to the cab company rather than paying a lease fee. Some smaller cab companies actually pay minimum wage on top of the percentage the drivers get to keep.

In NYC all the cabs are required by law to be yellow and there are over 100 individual taxi companies, so if one were to go under the medallions (permits) would be sold or transferred to one of the other 99+ cab companies. So you are partially right that no one would step in. However if all the cabs were under one company and it failed the city would most assuredly step in to make sure that the taxis stayed on the road as they are an essential part of the public transportation network.

If these so called ride sharing companies actually required the driver to input a destination before matching them with a rider travelling on the same route then no one would have a problem with them. But acting as a defacto taxi and giving incentives to drivers to “work” high taxi demand hours and areas is not socially, environmentally or economically responsible no matter how you slice it.

The transportation business is a free market and like any free market you are required to follow rules when accepting payments from the public for goods or services. This has been the case since the time of Constantinople and nearly 2000 years of experience does not get trumped by some a-hole with an app who is calling it “sharing” because that’s the newest buzz word.

I have been in the taxi industry since 2007 and have been studying it since 1998. I definitely know what I am talking about and am a contributor to the policies guiding the taxi industry in San Francisco.

There is no two ways about it. Lyft, Sidecar, UberX and InstantCab all need to be shut down before someone gets killed. A real ridesharing app is available in almost every major city in the US and, especially in the case of Avego, the entire western world. Yesterday 5:30pm



4 thoughts on “My comments on a gizmodo blog post about LA ridesharing cease and desists.

  1. Lets see… A. you are a antiquated windbag and B. TAXI COMPANIES DESERVE WHATS HAPPENING! The ONLY reason ridesharing came about is because Taxi companies failed to reinvent themselves!!!!!!!! After years of holding public citizens in a stranglehold of poor service, bad routes in order to overcharge tourists, Suddenly “Broken” credit card machines at the end of a trip so they could pocket the cash and last but not least, when requesting a taxi in a remote location, it was a 50/50 chance that they would even show up! (They only would show up if the fare would line their pockets) Taxi drivers in this city are rude, greedy, opportunistic crooks with poor hygiene and people skills! Quit crying about the fact that you cant pocket huge $$ now after ripping off the public! You created this problem so deal with it! Lyft, UBER and Sidecar have revolutionized On Demand Taxi service in a way that puts the CUSTOMER in control… NOT the taxi cab Union of fraudulent drivers!!! Its only a matter of time until Taxi’s are phased out all together which serves them right for the years of abuse at the expense of passengers! I will support, advocate for and help push these companies forward at every opportunity that arises. Why you ask? Because in all the years I used taxis in this city before P2P ridesharing, NOT A SINGLE ONE was what I would classify as exceptional or a great experience. NOT ONE! Thats pretty sad guys… you made your bed, now lie in it! GOOD RIDDENS TAXIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You are a complete idiot. Taxi drivers do not take the “long way” to overcharge anyone on purpose. We want you in and out as fast as possible. If I wasted time taking you the long way I would lose money, not make more. There has never been a “stranglehold” as you call it, taxis have been regulated for hundreds of years for a reason. Taxis also had apps long before even Uber. You also seem to think the taxi companies are some kind of monopoly… Quite wrong again. The taxi companies’ customers are the drivers, not the passengers. 7000+ licensed cab drivers in SF equals 7000+ small business that are being systematically attacked by VC backed corporations. Uber is the Walmart of transportation. Also the worst cabbies in the Bay Area and all the dipshits who have barely ever driven in the city are now driving you in one of the SHITS (Smartphone Hailable Illegal Taxi Services) cars. Finally the CPUC grossly overstepped its regulatory authority by imposing loose regulatory guidelines on the SHITS in violation of local law, state law, and federal law including the equal protections clauses of both the state and US constitutions. Taxis will not be going anywhere anytime soon. The SHITS will be shut down or will fall apart all by themselves within a year or two. I drive a legal cab to make extra cash, have fun, meet new people and enjoy the legal and insurance protections that drivers for the SHITS will never have. In the mean time go ahead and take a SHITS ride, I don’t want dickfaces like you in my cab treating me like I am a second class citizen or your fucking servant. It’s people like you that fucked up the industry for everyone. Go sniff another line of crappy cocaine you bought from your uber driver and hope to god you don’t get injured in an accident with a SHITS driver. Good riddance to assholes like you. Go fuck yourself.

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