Found that missed connection? Thank the customer service.

Originally written Jan 4, 2008.

Ok, so the night before NYE I was crusing down Market towards the ferry building looking for flags at about 930p-1000p.

I spotted a man in a dark coat, hat and scarf, braced against the biting cold, flagging me from about a block down, roughly in front of One Market. He had a beautiful 30 something woman with him and I flashed my hi beams to signal that I saw him and would pick them up.

After dropping off his companion a few blocks away he instructed me to take him to the Cole Valley, roughly Cole and Parnassus. As we made our way up Market street we were chatting bout how i got into driving a cab, how long i have been doing it (the usual banter). I then asked him what it was that he did for a living as he seemed knowledgeble about the state of the real estate market nation wide.

He replied dryly, “I do customer service”

“Cool” I said, thinking of my time with a headset and tiny cubicles, “what company do you work for?”

“A website I founded” he said offing nothing more..

“Which one?” I queried, thinking i was going to hear about some stupid startup that would be dead within the year…

“Craigslist….” he said very simply and matter of fact.

I turned in disbelief and looked and this very polite man in my back seat, and realized, “Craig!!”

“What a pleasure,” I said with excitement “I have used your site more times than I can even remotely count, it is an honor to meet you”

The rest of the ride went on as expected with us chatting about the history of Craigslist and how it got started and what each of us had planned for NYE.

When i dropped him off he was still as polite as could be and tipped handsomely. I felt honored to have given him a ride and touched his life, even for such a brief moment, as he has touched mine.

Thank you Craig, keep up the good work!


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