Replace Hitler with Trump and you won’t find much difference…

The following text was copy-pasted from a very well penned and particularly poignant  New York Times book review by Michiko Kakutani.  I made some find-replace edits to illustrate the similarity between Trump and Hitler.   …a sane person, like other biographers, provides vivid insight into some factors that helped turn a “Munich rabble-rouser” — regarded by […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy and Uber

  I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and he mentioned Maslow’s Hierarchy. This got me thinking. I’m sure if you have read enough of my stuff you probably have a solid guess. Maslow’s Hierarchy consists of five levels.  Let’s do a quick review. The most important and basic level is […]

Be the littlest domino…

To topple Uber we all need to be the littlest domino. – Say: “Yes, get in.” to every potential passenger. Its your job to convey people around town. Obviously don’t be an idiot and make yourself late to turn in, put yourself in danger of assault or projectile vomit, but get the money into the […]

ON Demand Congestion, OFF Sustainable Target

While the app revolution has arguably been making life easier and more seamless for a few, its severely putting the damper on a large population of other Americans trying to do their jobs, and I’m not talking about the taxi driver or pizza delivery driver. I am referring to the diligent and tireless public servants that save us from burning building, armed robbers and wicked car accidents. They are the ones that pick up your trash, fix the power lines, tow your broken down car and drive the city busses filled with the plebeian masses.